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Since 2003 we have studied and analyzed the market of more than 200 brands and thousands of products for its possible sale and commercialization in different parts of the world, from prototypes to high consumption, with our patented system of statistics (dummy box) which allows us to study large cities and make preliminary analyzes for the introduction or launch of products and allowing the development of ideas or necessary changes that proprietary brands can implement and thus know the real acceptance, before creating millions of parts. our level of statistical accuracy and viability is 99% thanks to direct contact with the consumer public.

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If you are interested in knowing the destination of your brand or product please contact us and we will gladly expand the information we can travel to anywhere in the world

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Report and results of acquisitions

Acquisitions Profits and Results

If you have investment points, you can already check the advances of the acquisitions of 2018 mainly in profit growth and process statistics in the main commercial strategies

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If you are not yet an investor in technology, know more about the acquisitions and performance of the applied commercial growth campaigns could be interesting for your business or company.

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Dhedok Electronic Subdivision ADV®

Development in applied electronics

We are a company dedicated to the planning and development of electronic devices for the aerospace and urban automotive industry. We collaborate to create efficient electronic devices.

Recognized Experience

We use Cadence® Allegro® PCB Design software exclusively for printed circuit board design.  Allegro® offers the leading physical and electrical constraint-driven PCB layout and interconnect routing system.

We maintain our own padstack and component footprint library in accordance with the IPC-7351 standard, where appropriate.  Industry standard IPC specifications are utilized to design printed circuit boards that are reliable and readily assembled by high tech. electronic manufacturing service companies.

Our principal engineer  has eleven years experience using Cadence® electronic design automation (EDA) software — Allegro® PCB Editor, Allegro® PCB Librarian, Allegro® PCB Router (SPECCTRA®), and Allegro® PCB SI (SPECCTRAQuestTM).

We have PCB designs in production ranging from 2 to 34 layers, from 8 to 544 square inches, incorporating features as miniature as 3 mil lines and 4 mil spaces.

Corporate assets include Allegro® PCB Design HDL 220 (PCB Design L).  Tools we do not own are leased with a Cadence® eDAcard.

and PCB Clustering for OrCAD®

Simulation and Analysis

We are experts in 

OrCAD PCB SI | OrCAD Sigrity ERC | OrCAD PSpice A/D | PSpice Advanced Analysis


Management and experience of Altium Designer for 5 years for advanced designs


Management and integration to all protel projects with extensive experience for one or two layer board

Trust worldwide

We work developing for more than 121 companies around the world, with 16 years of experience in electronic development, advanced computer systems and IOT systems analysis

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Avoid the intellectual loss of your technological products

Analog Devices Puts Sensor Technologies

Sensing and Signal Chain Solutions from Analog Devices

Altium Designer 19

Watch This 15-Minute Demo to See What’s Coming in Altium Designer 19 and sign up to get pre-release pricing today


OrCAD's constraints and real-time feedback help you quickly and easily manufacture your PCB design. Powered by Allegro, Sigrity and PSpice, you can design with confidence. 

Arrow Global Supply Chain Services

Managing your global, multi-tiered supply chain has never been more complicated. Today you face hurdles non-stop -- fortunately, Arrow is here to help.

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and TX2 Comparison

Zach compares and contrasts NVIDIA's AI supercomputers, the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and TX2. Both of these modules offer similar specifications but you may choose one over the other depending on the speed and storage needs of your design.

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