Acquisition analysis

Why the investment

In dhedok we think that investment in the technology industry and the related business entails obtaining short and long-term benefits, we take businesses that go through difficult times due to lack of investment and we create a strategic marketing and growth plan scheduled to start perceive profits in times that take months or years depending on the level of penetration. Our intention to acquire them is to grow their points of sale, increase demand and turn into attractive franchises for other investors and preserve the essence as well as the marketing method.

Many business prospects are good, but with the professional advice of analysts, economists and marketing experts the thing changes, from good to truly successful.

More than 200 companies received our advice and went from being invisible to having branches all over the world with truly lucrative dividends

Start the recovery today

If you have a business that produces or sells electronic supplies and you want an investment point, request a feasibility analysis at a preferential cost

Avoid the intellectual loss of your inventions and prototypes

Legal defense on copyright in technological products

Learn how to defend yourself and cover all the ways in which your inventions or prototypes can be copied, maintain a lasting exclusivity and we can advise you in granting licenses without losing control.

Think of the years that cost you invent and reach the end, so that on the other side of the world in days, they are already copying. Contact Us


Manufacture without risking

Advanced marketing studies in products and technological devices

Hundreds of technology companies test their products before launching them on the market, important not to create an expensive manufacturing line for a product that could fail is also very effective in improving those that are already on sale and their acceptance has been limited.

We compare your product with other brands similar to yours in our patented Dummy Box, which are real stores with spaces designated exclusively for each model, which allow us to choose the option for image, characteristics, prices or colors and we collect this data to create A Pareto referential that you can consult every 15 days online so you know what happens with your product if it would really be effective compared to other brands.

By obtaining such information, these data will help you modify, change or adapt what is necessary to implement a strategy with greater control in the preparation and marketing.

The analysis programs are 3 and 6 months and could be the difference between failing or succeeding in the technology industry and saving several million dollars.

Do not hesitate, contact us to receive more information about it, we can visit if you require it, we have offices in several parts of the world.

PCB Schematic and Layout Design Services

Electronics Architecture


Depending on your requirements, our engineers will discuss the electronics architecture for your product in the project meeting, and choose the most suitable electronics architecture.

Component Selection


Component selection is a critical process that enables the circuit to perform its intended operation. Our engineers will ensure the components qualification, reduce the costs, and design for manufacturability.

PCB Design and Layout Development


With our extensive PCB design services, schematic capture experience and library, ADV dhedok will make certain that your design is manufacturable(DFM), even with 0201-sized components and 0.1mm-pitch BGAs.

Testing & Debugging


ADV dhedok will implement the scan chain during the design layout phase to maximize test coverage. We also develop the test program, BIST and test fixtures for testing and debugging the assembled prototype, thus ensuring the delivery of a prototype set that is fully tested and ready to power-up for functional evaluation.

Certificate Services


ADV dhedok  provides professional certification/compliance test for customers. We work closely with SGS and UL to provide UL, ETL, CE, FCC, RoHS certification according to customers’ specific requirements.

Advanced study of neural networks applied to electronics


ADV dhedok In the last 5 years, we have deepened the neural networks to apply them in the most advanced designs of the electronics. By 2019, we will be implementing our artificial intelligence


Prototype Printed Circuit Boards Meet High-Quality Standards

PCB Prototype

If you need prototype printed circuit boards, it's important to work with an assembler who can turn your designs around fast. These boards help verify you have the right design before you start a full production run so you can avoid costly errors. The sooner you get your prototype circuit board back, the sooner you can test it and get started on your standard production run. ADV  is the PCB manufacturer with fast reaction. We offer quick-turn PCB prototypes to turn your prototype boards around fast while still maintaining complete adherence to your design specifications. 

ADV offers rapid PCB prototyping services for quick-turn PCB at high quality and low cost. We're fully compliant with ISO9001:2008 quality management systems, and we have an in-house quality control department to verify that all work meets each regulation depicted by the high standards.

Depending on your custom requirements, we can prototype your PCB within 3-7 days, compared to 6-18 days of Standard PCB service. 


Prototype PCB Service vs. Standard PCB Service

Use PCB Prototype service when you want:

• Boards for design review or pre production quality testing - Our PCB prototype service is the perfect way to make sure there are no errors in your design before moving into mass production.• Rapid PCB turnaround - Rapid PCB prototyping means you get your boards fast.

• Boards with eight or fewer layers - Because we are trying to get your boards back to you as fast as possible, we offer rapid PCB prototyping for boards with no more than eight layers.

• FR-4 boards - Your printed circuit board prototype will come on standard FR-4 material.

• Quality standard IPC1 boards

Use Standard PCB service if you need:

• Boards for full production - Once you know that your design works, you can contact us for standard PCB service for full production for use in your applications.

• Slightly longer turnaround time - Since these are the boards you will actually be using, it takes a little longer to make sure we get everything just right. However, now that you have tested the design, you can go right into your projects once you get your boards.

• Boards with up to 9-32 layers - We have much more flexibility with materials and layers once we have the time to develop your full boards

• FR-4, aluminum, flex or other types of boards

• Quality standard IPC2 boards

Refer to this handy chart for a complete breakdown of the differences between our circuit board prototype and standard circuit board services.

What Are the Benefits of Circuit Board Prototyping?

We recommend you PCB prototyping service for function testing of new products prior to making a commitment to a full-production run. Benefits of developing PCB board prototype include:

• Rapidly test and correct designs if there is any mistakes - After waiting over a week for your full boards, you’ll be eager to get them going in your applications. When you test your design beforehand with PCB prototypes, you can do just that.

• Potentially detect any design flaws in the early stages - The time to find out mistakes in your design is not when you have a full production run in your warehouse. PCB prototyping service allows you to spot any design problems in a few days, make adjustments and perfect the design before ordering your full run.

• Order low-quantity production runs featuring a MOQ of only five boards if necessary - Save money and reduce risks by putting off your big orders until you know you have the type of boards you want.

• Benefit from lower production tolerances - It offers a clear indication of how well your PCB will perform

Once your proto boards have demonstrated their ability to meet your quality and performance requirements, you are ready for a full production run. Then we will transition from PCB prototype board service to Standard PCB service, which provides tighter production tolerances and more advanced options, including a free Design for Manufacture (DFM) check that is capable of detecting potential issues that could reduce the quality of your PCB.

While it may be tempting to simply order your full printed circuit boards and decide you’ll deal with any design flaws that arise as they come, it’s rarely the most efficient solution. You may get the boards out sooner, but if something goes wrong, it could prove to be a lot costlier and more time-consuming than taking an extra few days to test a prototype.

Save Time and Money in the Long Run With PCB Rapid Prototyping Services from ADV®

PCB prototyping is the best practice method used world-wide to verify the quality of a design before proceeding. In the past, some companies may not have had time to develop a prototype PCB, wait for the assembler to put that PCB prototype together and then test it. However, thanks to the rapid PCB prototyping offered by ADV®, this is no longer an issue. You can send in your prototyping PCB board design and have a fast PCB prototype in a week or less, giving you plenty of time to test your PCB proto board to fully prepare for your regular production run.


Get an Instant PCB Prototyping Quote Now

Get an Instant PCB Prototyping Quote Now

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